Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion

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Bridges built and repaired.—Onebridge, single span, 26 feet, at Black Creek; one bridge, two spans, 18 and 20 feet, respectively, roadway 12 feet, at Mill Creek; four small bridges on the turnpike between Black Creek and a point half a mile beyond the blacksmith’s shop; three bridges between the last point mentioned and half a mile beyond the White Church, over streams 8 feet in width and 5 in depth, built with stringers laid on crib abutments; two trestle bridges, 120 feet in length, across the Chickahominy at Bottom’s Bridge; timber got out and framed for a bridge across the Chickahominy at New Bridge, 114 feet in length, seven spans; two trestle bridges ready to be thrown at the same spot.

Railroad bridges.—Onebridge, one span, 50 feet in length, 21 feet in height, trestle work, near Tunstall’s Station; one bridge, three spans, trestle work, each 11 feet in width, 15 feet in height; one truss span, 44 feet in width, 21 feet in height; two trestle spans repaired over the Chickahominy; assisted by forty Government bridge-builders.

Roads repaired.—Onehundred and fifty feet graded and corduroyed on the turnpike from White House at railroad crossing; 1,000 feet ditched, graded, and corduroyed between Black Creek and a point half a mile beyond the blacksmith’s shop; 800 feet ditched, graded, and corduroyed near White Church; 4,000 feet road, 50 feet in width, cut through the woods near the Chickahominy; 1,000 feet corduroyed 1 [p.145] mile west of Black Creek; 1,000 sticks cut and collected for corduroying the road near New Bridge.

Respectfully submitted.

Brigadier- General of Volunteers.

General J. G. BARNARD,
Chief Engineer, Army of the Potomac.

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Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports, pp.144-145

web page Rickard, J (11 August2006)

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