Jean-Clément Martin against the Vendée genocide

Jean-Clément Martin against the Vendée genocide

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Jean-Clement Martin, professor emeritus in the history of the French Revolution at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, former director of the Institute of the History of the French Revolution, reacts to the use of the term "Vendée genocide" in the Guide to places of memory of the battlefields, edited by Petit Futé in a letter addressed to the general secretariat for administration - Directorate of memory, heritage and archives ...

"I have just read the booklet devoted to the Guide to places of memory of the battlefields published by the Petit Futé under your responsibility in which the" Vendée genocide "is cited twice on p. 40 and p. 198. The use of this formula in such a guide, under your patronage, at this precise moment, poses a problem, confirming a partisan proposition that the historical examination categorically denies. The reality of the massacres, killings and executions committed during the revolutionary period in Brittany and in the territory linked to the Vendée war, is indisputable. It cannot be compared to a genocide perpetrated by a State or a government. It would be highly desirable that the Ministry of Defense, and in particular the Directorate of Memory, and Archives, take a clear position on this subject to remove any ambiguity and simply respect the conclusions of historical research conducted without bias.

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