TV Night: Henri IV, King of France ... 3

TV Night: Henri IV, King of France ... 3

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On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death, France 3 This evening broadcasts the first part of a TV movie by Jo Baier dedicated to the good king Henry IV. This ambitious European co-production traces the journey and reign of Henri, the first of the Bourbon kings, over almost half a century. From the Protestant prince to the sovereign of a country torn by civil war emerges a humanist king whose popularity will be especially after his reign ... This monarch who did not hesitate to change his religion several times to bring peace to his kingdom was also a bon vivant, tireless womanizer and caring father, playing with his children while hosting ambassadors. His assassination in 1614 will largely contribute to forging his legend, which will go beyond the borders of France. The surprise comes from the interest in Henri IV of our German neighbors (this film is released in cinemas across the Rhine), who draw a parallel between St Barthélemy and the "night of crystal", and of our national Henri a symbol of tolerance and understanding, the opposite of Nazi ideology. A tribute that would probably not have displeased Henri IV. Henri IV, first part Thursday, March 11 at 8:35 pm in France 3.


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