The shadow of a doubt (France 3): new schedule

The shadow of a doubt (France 3): new schedule

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The shadow of a doubt, the history magazine presented by Franck Ferrand and broadcast until now on Wednesday evenings on France 3 at a late hour, inaugurates its new time slot this Monday ... in prime time, for an as yet unknown periodicity. A daring bet on the part of the public service chain, perhaps inspired by the success of Secrets of History from its neighbor France 2 (at the same time but on Tuesday). For this premiere, The shadow of a doubt leans tonight on the Louvre Palace and its eight centuries of history.

For more than 800 years, the Louvre has been an active witness to the history of France. In twelve days, “The Shadow of a Doubt” unveils the epic story of this illustrious museum which was an impregnable fortress, the palace of the kings of France and even the seat of imperial power. An unexpected story that reveals the astonishing secrets of its walls, built, transformed, looted and destroyed according to the great events and the demands of each era. The medieval castle was invested during the Renaissance by François 1er, who made it the place of power. Until its final transformation into a museum, the Louvre remained the symbol of power and the place where some of the most important decisions in French history were made.

The shadow of a doubt: the Louvre, palace of power. Monday March 25 at 8:45 pm on France 3. Replay on April 5 at 0:20.

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