Tested for you: Tv History on PC

Tested for you: Tv History on PC

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You cannot access packages offering the chain All History ? Are you put off by the price of these bouquets? Here is a simple and inexpensive solution to take advantage of the programs of this channel dedicated to history on your pc ! Bis Online offers a small package of free PC TV channels, of little interest as such, but with the possibility of subscribing to a few channels of the AB group, including All History.

For only 1.5 € per month (subscription for one month automatically), find All History in a very suitable broadcast quality even in full screen. All you have to do is have standard broadband internet access and download a small program from the Bis Online site. To ensure the quality of this service on your pc, you should try the basic package, registration is free. Access to programs is immediate, whether for the free package or for pay-per-view channels.

The site of All the History.

The Bis Online site.

Consult the general subscription conditions.

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