The mysteries of the bust of Nefertiti (France 5)

The mysteries of the bust of Nefertiti (France 5)

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A true police investigation, both in its investigative methods, in its dramaturgy and in its form, this documentary attempts to unravel the mysteries of Nefertiti. Who was Nefertiti? What is his story ? Under what circumstances was his bust discovered? Why has he been the object of so much envy since 1912? Is it a copy? What are scientists and experts saying?

“Any description is unnecessary… You have to see it! Wrote Ludwig Borchardt, the German Egyptologist who discovered the bust in Egypt at Tell el Amarna. 50 cm high, with shoulders cut vertically, this work is a rarity, "a miracle of balance". However, the bust is the target of many controversies. So after years of investigation, Henri Stierlin, a Swiss historian, advances the scandalous hypothesis that the bust of Nefertiti would only be an experimental copy!

Zahi Hawass, Superintendent of Egyptian Antiquities, for his part, vehemently demands it and accuses Germany of illegally exporting the masterpiece. Should Germany return this world famous bust to Egypt? A century after its discovery, the debate remains open ...

The mysteries of the bust of Nefertiti. Friday August 24 at 8:35 p.m. on France 5.

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