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Religions & History: Buddhism

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Issue 48 (January / February 2013) of Religions & History magazine is mainly devoted to a religion, or a spirituality (there is debate) very fashionable for a few years: buddhism. There are also articles on the cult of saints in Islam and the continuation of the article "Revisiting the religion of the ancient Germans", as well as a free forum offered to Jean Soler. Finally, the usual sections on current events, in particular exhibitions.

Buddhism. History, schools, teachings

The dossier on Buddhism, written by Cécile Campergue (doctor in anthropology and specialist in Tibetan Buddhism), is particularly comprehensive. If we have heard a lot about Buddhism in the last twenty years, especially because some stars say they have converted to it, but also of course because of Tibet's problems with China, we know little about it in the end. And its complexity has a lot to do with it. The various articles allow you to navigate, and make a good introduction for those who would like to go further (a bibliography is included). After salutary "Landmarks" and an article on the birth of Buddhism, Cécile Campergue unrolls different themes, some expected ("teaching and practice", "the great schools of Buddhism"), others less ("Buddhism and women "for example), just as interesting.

Moses and John Soler, the cult of saints and the religion of the ancient Germans

The main other articles reflect the magazine's habits, embracing varied and often original subjects. Original the dense tribune of Jean Soler, "Moses and the duty to kill", to which is added a review of his essay "Qui est Dieu" (Editions de Fallois) by Virginie Lérot. Original also, because little approached finally, perhaps because of its sometimes controversial character, "the worship of the saints in Islam" (Monique Zetlaoui). A little-known cult, yet fundamental, particularly in the Maghreb, brought up to date, as the historian notes, by the recent destruction in Mali.

In the news section, we will finally note the report of the exhibition "Fascination of Lebanon. Sixty centuries of history of religions, art and archeology" (Rath museum, Geneva, until March 31) and the review of the controversial work of Tilman Nagel, "Mahomet" (Labor and Fides).

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