The Game of Hate (Gilles de Becdelièvre)

The Game of Hate (Gilles de Becdelièvre)

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With his latest novel "The hate game", the Vendée author Gilles de Becdelièvre stages the France of 1659. In the main roles: the regent Anne of Austria, the cardinal de Mazarin, Fouquet and Colbert, who are tearing each other apart in a country on the verge of ruin and which we discover here little-known aspects of their personalities.A work which takes on a very particular flavor in view of current events and contemporary political customs ...

1659, France is on the verge of bankruptcy: the war with Spain is still not settled, taxes are paid only by the little people and revenues barely cover a third of the country's financing needs. Louis XIV the king is young, Anne of Austria the Regent has little knowledge of state affairs.

Mazarin alone is capable of governing the country, thanks to his two “advisers” Fouquet, co-superintendent of finances and Colbert, omnipresent secretary in charge of the cardinal's personal affairs. These three characters working for France, are ambitious, want power, hate each other, but are indispensable to each other having only one thing in common: the ever greater need for money, for the needs of the State, while each getting richer in the process! While Fouquet is charming and gracious, Mazarin is concealer and Colbert tackles and watches in the shadows.

Based on extracts from Memoirs, letters and testimonies, Gilles de Becdelièvre tells us in a very lively and therefore very interesting way, this period of the History of France, from January 1659 to September 1661, in the form of a tragedy in two acts, resulting in the end of Fouquet and the advent of Colbert. Throughout this work, which sometimes turns into a comedy, hatred sets in between these characters and it is only shenanigans, traps, embezzlement of some discovered by others, embezzlement and trafficking serving both sides, complaints from others. some, display of charms and flattery for others.

Any resemblance to existing people or situations can only be pure coincidence ... and yet!

The Game of Hate, by Gilles de Becdelièvre. Edtions Télémaque, October 2014.

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