Ephemeris of September 10

Ephemeris of September 10

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1981 : Guernica, the most famous of Picasso, symbol of the horrors of war, leaves the Museum of Modern Art in New York and returns to the Prado.

1939: Seven days after Great Britain and more than two years before the United States, the Canada enters World War II.

1915: War propaganda and censorship exasperate the pacifists Maurice and Jeanne Maréchal who found "The chained Duck".

1898 : Elisabeth of Wittelsbach, wife of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I, is stabbed in Geneva by an Italian anarchist.

1419: In the middle of the Hundred Years War, the Duke of Burgundy Fearless jeans was assassinated in Montereau by a relative of the Dauphin Charles, heir to the throne of France. The latter had been convinced, twelve years later, to avenge the assassination of Louis d'Orléans.

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