Ephemeris of September 20

Ephemeris of September 20

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1792: The Legislative Assembly passes a law authorizing the divorced. From year VII (late 1798 and 1799), one in three marriages is dissolved in Paris.

1792 : Battle of Valmy : The French army led by Generals Dumouriez and Kellermann wins against the Prussians of the Duke of Brunswick.

1519: The expedition under the command of the Portuguese navigator Fernand of Magellan leaves the Andalusian port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

1378: Beginning of Great Western Schismt: At the request of the Romans, an Italian pope was elected under the name of Urban VI on April 7. But the new sovereign pontiff greatly displeases the French cardinals, who, in September, elect a new pope, Clement VII.

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