The History of the World in 80 Secrets (L.Pfaadt)

The History of the World in 80 Secrets (L.Pfaadt)

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Plots, sects and mystical phenomena are evoked in 80 episodes in the last work of Laurent Pfaadt. The History of the World in 80 Secrets recounts the strange but also symbolic events and characters of our history. Of Antiquity in the 20th century, you will go to the time of the pyramids, the witch hunts or the dangerous Ku Klux Klan. Rediscover the myths that continue to fascinate us, such as the legend of King Arthur and the Philosopher's Stone.

Editorial presentation of the book

On the one hand, there is the "official" history of the world, marked by great discoveries, wars and great men. And on the other, nestles a parallel chronicle, made up of secret societies, brotherhoods, strange characters and plots.

It is this real little story of the world told in 80 secret episodes that the author reveals to us. It evokes in particular the Mysteries of Eleusis, the sect of the Assassins and its fight against the Crusaders, the prophecies of Saint Malachi, the alchemists of the emperor Rudolf II, the manuscript of Voynich, the mysteries of the Kabbalah, the Gospel of Judas, Opus Dei and its influence on the Vatican, Thule society, the secrets of Lodge P2, the Priory of Sion or the Iron Mask.

This book evokes the many plots, manipulations, secret societies and cover-ups which still fuel the curiosity of historians today: a fascinating and unusual vision of History. Secret societies, plots, strange characters… when the history of the world becomes a novel.

An entertaining view of history and its mysteries

Laurent Pfaadt's book presents several characters from History who for some still leave us perplexed. Who was King Arthur? A demigod or a missing warlord? Was Nostradamus really a visionary or an impostor? Were the three wise men only three?

Witchcraft, religion, legend, curse, sect and prophecy, so many themes brought to life through short stories. The author attempts to compare the different interpretations of historians, thinkers and scientists who have tried to unravel the greatest mysteries. It refers in particular to the theories of the Greek historian Herodotus, the philosopher Voltaire or even Geoffrey de Monmouth, author of History of the kings of Brittany.

This collection is to be put in the hands of all curious, eager for intriguing and mystical anecdotes that have forged French but also American and European culture. Each event is well contextualized and documented. A real world tour rich in explanations and historical sources.

As a further reading, know that the author has previously written a two-volume work entitled The mysteries of history,intended to decipher certain secrets and to lift the veil on the most widespread misconceptions.

About Laurent Pfaadt

Laurent Pfaadt graduated in Political Sciences. He is a European civil servant and a teacher at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Européennes in Strasbourg. He is the author of several historical and political works on the presidential elections as well as on the great puzzles of history

L. Pfaadt, The History of the World in 80 secrets, City, Grainville, 2010, available in store

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