Ephemeris of November 19

Ephemeris of November 19

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1977: Visit of the Egyptian President It's been ages in Israel, a prelude to the Camp David accords.

1942: Counter-attack at Stalingrad by the Red Army, which encircles the German forces.

1919: The US Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles.

1809: The French defeat the Spaniards at Ocana and occupy all of Andalusia, with the exception of Cadiz.

1703: Death of "iron mask"in the Bastille, after 25 years of captivity. Held in secret and having to remain anonymous under a velvet mask, the identity of this prisoner is still a mystery.

1096: Spanish Reconquista: Peter I of Aragon wins the battle of Alcoraz which opens the doors of Huesca to him, which he will make his new capital.

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