Ephemeris of July 17

Ephemeris of July 17

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1945: While the Second World War is not yet over, Truman, Stalin and Churchill meet in Potsdam, south-west of Berlin, to discuss the fate of Germany.

1942: Vel d'Hiv roundup: 13,000 Jews, including 4,051 children, from Paris and the Paris region are arrested overnight by the French police and parked in the sports hall of the Winter Velodrome.

1791: Under the command of La Fayette, the National Guard opens fire on the demonstrators of the Champ-de-mars who demanded the forfeiture of Louis XVI after his failed escape from Varenne.

1453: The French army of Charles VII wins a decisive victory over the English in the Gironde village of Castillon, which marks the end of the Hundred Years War.

1203: On the way to Jerusalem, the Crusaders take the Byzantine city of Constantinople.

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